The website previously published under this domain was operated by a seller of fake Tissot watches.

In a binding expert decision according to Nominet's Dispute Resolution Service Policy it was ruled that the domain owner had no rights or legitimate interests in this domain and that he used the domain in bad faith.

Sale of counterfeited products is a crime. It is the policy of Tissot not to tolerate sales of counterfeited Tissot watches and to take legal action against all third parties involved in such activities or otherwise infringing Tissot's rights.

To learn about authentic Tissot products and where they can be purchased please visit the official Tissot website at To know if a specific website selling Tissot watches is an online shop authorized by Tissot, please use the form shown at

Authentic Tissot products can also be purchased at our official online stores, see (for UK, French, German and US residents only).

Be aware that by purchasing fake Tissot products you are supporting criminal activities!